Attendees’ Feedback

“I felt it was very well organized. Ilyce is a wonderful hostess and an incredibly sharp human being.”

“I liked the way Ilyce kept the panelists on task and the way she asked questions – in a way that audience members could understand.”

“The personal question and answer period with the guest speakers was the best.”

“Ilyce was available before and after the formal presentations – very nice touch.”

“The panels were all great and informative and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions. Could not have been better organized.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed Chris Davis and found him educational and humorous. It was great to finally put a face with the voice of Wes Moss. He looks totally different than what I had imagined and he was as focused as ever. Ricky Novaks’ contribution on tax consequences of investing was quite informative. I especially appreciated the after-hours real estate investing portion, which provided clear information on the current market without the news media hype.”

“All very helpful and interesting. Introduced me to info I was not aware of.”

“Excellent value. Good way to preview professionals in one concentrated time and place.”

“Liked the panel format. Ilyce was a very effective facilator, with follow-up questions that she seemingly lifted straight out of my consciousness.”

“We liked Ilyce’s upbeat style and energy, which we also enjoy on the radio.”

“I enjoyed the broad overview. Actually meeting the presenters and talking to them was one of the most enjoyable parts.”

Sponsors’ Feedback

• “Ilyce Glink’s Foreclosure Event proved that the American consumer is willing to work hard, they just need access to the right information at the right time. Ilyce has mastered an impressive skill to be able to deliver quality facts in a timely fashion. Her events are real world learning tanks where she delivers top-notch speakers and invaluable knowledge to the attendee. Be sure to catch her next event in your area.”
–Brad Nix

• “Anne and I learned you get a nugget or more at every seminar. When we learn on the job and it cost us we call it a ‘seminar’ like when we bought the wrong house in the wrong area. Some ‘seminars’ are more expensive than others. I’ve paid thousands for my ‘seminars’ and prefer the lower cost ones where you learn it in a educational environment like your program.”
–Mark Lackey

• “It was so refreshing to be with other investors who actually don’t sugar coat real estate. It is a business and businesses need capital to be successful. So often we get people who have been burned by the “no money, no credit, no nothing – just buy my system and you’ll be rich” pitch and then we have to share with them that it is not that easy.”
–Anne Lackey

• “Thank you for the sponsor opportunity at Saturday’s foreclosure event. You had a sizeable and knowledgeable crowd and we enjoyed speaking with them.”
–Chet Burgess